Chatbot in business


  • Milan Puvača Ofir d.o.o., Osijek, Croatia
  • Ivan Kunac A. G. Matoš Elementary School, Tovarnik, Croatia



modern business, chatbot, information and communication technology, digitization


The cost of today's employee education is extensive, but also dynamic due to the global challenges of business that encompasses each activity. The special expression of the aforementioned is outlined in the elements of customer support provided to visitors or potential clients through the websites of companies or other institutions. In order to somewhat bridge the gap of new training and training of customer support, companies are forced to seek new models of communication with users and resolve their inquiries as soon as possible. As a solution, the implementation of chatbots in websites is imposed as the first phase of communication with users and the resolution of simple queries by users. Full business automation is a constant focus of corporations precisely because of the global market and increasingly demanding clients. The last year has been marked by the increasing availability of artificial intelligence, advanced computing, or big data processing. The orientation of this technology towards customer satisfaction, and through the use of advantages of chatbot as a "first line" of conversation with visitors enables unprecedented functionality. Through research of available literature and publicly available examples of good practice, the advantages, and disadvantages of implementing chatbots as a substitute for customer support will be observed.


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