Enriching Vocabulary of ESP Students


  • Milica Spasić Stojković Toplica Academy of Applied Studies, Department of Business School Blace, Serbia
  • Ivana Nešić Toplica Academy of Applied Studies, Department of Business School Blace, Serbia




English for Special Purposes, word formation processes, teaching, conversion


One of the goals of teaching ESP to students of different scientific study fields should be to teach and advise them how to increase and adopt a scope of English words. There are different methods and techniques proposed, but understanding the process itself is essential for the process of adopting new words. Lexical morphology and word formation processes discussed in this paper could be useful in this regard. The basic goal of this paper is to describe one of the most interesting processes - the Conversion, in theory and practice, as numerous English words belong to this process. Lexical Morphology, Etymology and certain Syntax concepts will be included in the analysis using the combined methods (synchrony vs. diachrony, etc.) The results will help enrich the vocabulary of ESP students in an easier and more comprehensive manner.


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