Recent trends in computing & information technology


  • Denis Jelaš Aspira University of Applied Sciences, Croatia
  • Damir Debak Aspira University of Applied Sciences, Croatia
  • Pavle Sviličić Aspira University of Applied Sciences, Croatia



IT trends, computer trends, computing trends, technology trends


This document presents the recent trends in computing and information technology and their expected development in the next period. The following trends are covered: artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, edge computing, robotic process automation (RPA), virtual reality and augmented reality and internet of things. The general idea is to describe each of the trends and highlight the predictions for the coming period. The aim of the work is to highlight the expected trends in the development of computing and information technology, their mutual relationships and the impact on different spheres of development and people's lives. We live in a rapidly changing time, and it is not easy to predict what awaits us, and what are the possible directions of development, but it is certain that it will be very exciting.


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