New experiences in the Italian craft beer market. Opportunities for development in the Piedmont Region


  • Mina Giorgio Department of Management “Valter Cantino”, University of Turin, Italy
  • Rosalia Stella Evola Department of Management “Valter Cantino”, University of Turin, Italy
  • Giovanni Peira Department of Management “Valter Cantino”, University of Turin, Italy
  • Alessandro Bonadonna Department of Management “Valter Cantino”, University of Turin, Italy



Craft beer, Consumer behaviour, Beer tourism, Italian Grape Ale


The purpose of this study is to assess new pathways for the niche markets of IGA beers in Piedmont, Italy. Specifically, this study aims to analyse the supply and demand side for these products to evaluate the opportunities for developing enogastronomic tourism experiences. First, available public statistics on microbreweries were analysed to map their diffusion in Piedmont. Then, a survey was prepared to assess consumers’ opinions about these products, with a total of 336 consumers participating in the study. The main results show that, while craft beers are well-known and frequently bought by consumers, IGA beers are still not very widespread. Anyhow, consumers showed positive attitudes towards locally produced products thus highlighting that there is a space for developing new tourism experiences related to these local specialities. Finally, the study shows that consumers would be interested in buying them and paying more than traditional beers.


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